“You don’t have to be sick to try Homeopathy, Nutritional Therapy or Naturopathy.
You may just want to boost your overall health, vitality or prevent an illness.”

Why Bury Homeopaths?

  • You’re in safe, experienced and caring hands – Debbie offers a flexible, individual and realistic approach to healthcare

  • Debbie is happy to work with and complement other health
 professionals treatment , including the interpretation of medical test results

  • Customised life style suggestions, treatment plans and remedies

  • Family orientated treatments – safe and effective for babies, pregnancy and all ages, regardless of health conditions or medications taken

  • Fully insured, accredited and registered with The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners

  • 5-star customer feedback on Google


Hay fever/allergies
I had been suffering from debilitating hay fever ever since I moved to Suffolk four years ago. Nothing seemed to work, and I thought I would have to move out of the area. Luckily, I consulted with Debbie who gave me a very in-depth consultation and prescribed Homeopathic remedies in the autumn of 2022. Since then, I have seen a life-changing improvement! She is now helping me with another long-standing health issue. I highly recommend Debbie; she is extremely knowledgeable and caring.

Mrs SB, Aug 2023

I have known Debbie for about ten  years, she has been my first port of call whenever myself or my children feel unwell. Debbie has helped us deal with allergies, digestive problems and helped me alleviate my Menopausal night sweats. As well as this, she is a very empathetic, caring and trustworthy person. Having a consultation with Debbie feels like a remedy in itself, having someone really listen to you!

Sabina Sandy, July 2021

Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and a has a huge amount of experience to draw on. I went to Debbie wanting to know how I could support myself as I age, improve sleep issues and stay well through Covid. I can honestly say that I now feel in great health with high energy levels. Sleep is also improving!

Sue Brown, July 2021

Really happy with the homeopathic Hayfever remedy I am using this Summer. I work outside and the remedy stopped my usual hayfever symptoms. It meant I didn’t need the over the counter hayfever pills which have side effects.

Fiona Strachan, July 2020

I found Debbie a few years ago whilst struggling and I am so glad I did. Debbie is so kind and caring, she is always willing to help and has a vast knowledge of the homeopathic remedies she prescribes. I would recommend Debbie to anyone wanting an alternative to prescription drugs as she has really helped me to feel better.

Tracy McClosky, Dec 2020


Bury Homeopaths was founded in 2009 by Debbie Greenslade to provide a holistic, practical and innovative approach to individual health care. Debbie is an experienced Naturopathic Homeopath who uses a combination of homeopathic, dietary and nutritional therapies to regain and balance your mind, spirit and overall health.

Debbie seeks to fully understand and meet her patients’ needs in a safe, confidential space – either face to face at one of three clinics based in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, or via video link.

Debbie Greenslade Homeopath

Benefits of Homeopathy

Benefits of Homeopathy

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