Your consultation

Your first consultation will take approx 75 minutes during which time a full medical history is taken. As well as asking about your symptoms, it is important for us to understand how you feel emotionally and the unique way in which your condition affects you.

Questions about lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns and state of mind all help to form a unique picture of you in order to prescribe a suitable remedy.

If appropriate, diet and nutritional advice is offered within the consultation.

Follow-up consulations take 45 minutes and are used to measure progress and move the healing process forward.

The complexity of your condition will determine the length and course of treatment. The goal of this practice is to always to restore your health to a level that no longer requires treatment, complementary or otherwise.

The Remedies

Homeopathic medicine comes in the form of pleasant tasting pillules that dissolve easily on your tongue. A powdered form is available for babies.

Treatment Costs

  Adult Child
1st consultation £60 £50
Follow up consultations £45 £35
Telephone consultation £35 £25
Pre-conception/infertility treatments Couple Single
1st consultation £75 £55
Follow up consultations £55 £45
Pregnancy/childbirth support £15 – £50 POA

Prices include all homeopathic prescriptions

Cancellations – Please give 48 hours notice or half fees will be charged

Payment by cheque or cash at the end of each consultation