So reassuring to find an effective naturopathic approach to treating my recent flu. Recovered quickly and felt in capable hands.
Sue Brown, Oct 2021

If you are having symptoms relating to menopause and can‘t or don‘t want to try HRT then do contact Debbie. With her help I have been able to lead a normal life again. I didnt realise how life changing hot flushes could be.
I have been seeing Debbie for a couple of years now with menopause symptoms and when the symptoms break through say after a few months of a treatment she is able to tweak or change the remedy for me which then helps them settle again.

Hazel Pearce, Oct 2021
A few months ago I started to see Debbie after losing faith in my GP, getting nowhere with a number of issues.
Debbie was a breath of fresh air, very knowledgeable, professional and supportive throughout. She diligently worked through my issues with me, with accurate diagnosis and expertly prescribed remedies which have helped tremendously.
At all times I was assured, confident and at ease with Debbie and her practice and just can’t recommend her enough!
I have a such an improved quality of life now and am forever grateful to Debbie for getting me where I am today – Thankyou Debbie!
Chris Manning, Oct 2021

I have known Debbie for about ten  years, she has been my first port of call whenever myself or my children feel unwell.

Debbie has helped us deal with allergies, digestive problems and helped me alleviate my Menopausal night sweats.

As well as this, she is a very empathetic, caring and trustworthy person. Having a consultation with Debbie feels like a remedy in itself, having someone really listen to you!

Sabina Sandy, July 2021

Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and a has a huge amount of experience to draw on. I went to Debbie wanting to know how I could support myself as I age, improve sleep issues and stay well through Covid. I can honestly say that I now feel in great health with high energy levels. Sleep is also improving!

Sue Brown, July 2021

I found Debbie a few years ago whilst struggling and I am so glad I did. Debbie is so kind and caring, she is always willing to help and has a vast knowledge of the homeopathic remedies she prescribes. I would recommend Debbie to anyone wanting an alternative to prescription drugs as she has really helped me to feel better.

Tracy McClosky, Dec 2020

Really happy with the homeopathic Hayfever remedy I am using this Summer. I work outside and the remedy stopped my usual hayfever symptoms. It meant I didn’t need the over the counter hayfever pills which have side effects.

Fiona Strachan, July 2020

I have seen Debbie for a variety of conditions over the past 5 years and I have continued to seek her advice and expertise because she has always been extremely, supportive, understanding, professional and caring in her approach towards treating my needs.Her extensive knowledge of homeopathy and the fact that I have recovered well from some nasty conditions has certainly made me more aware of the power of homeopathic products in healing my health issues naturally. I would like to thank Debbie for assisting and treating my issues and helping to improve my general health and wellbeing.

Isobel Cracknell, July 2019
I just wanted to say thank you so much Debbie for your help with Sam’s warts. At 14 he was very embarrassed by the warts, which sprung up all over his hands. We had tried everything that the Doctor and Chemist had on offer (he had them frozen twice!) to no avail. By Sam’s third appointment his wart’s had disappeared! It’s good to know that the problem had been treated not just the symptoms.
Ms L.D, Suffolk, Jan 2013
I am delighted that my daughter’s bowel issues (chronic constipation) are finally resolved, without the need for harsh medicines. Homeopathic treatments suited her very well as they treated her whole person, including her state of mind.
Mrs C S, Bury St Eds, Sept 2012
Numerous GP’s had told me that nothing could treat Molluscum yet within only a few months my daughters spots are gone. Also her bowel movements are now comfortable & regular. She is much happier now!
Mrs C S, mother of 4 year old daughter, Bury St Eds, Sept 2012
I visited Debbie suffering from all the usual signs of menopause and in particular hot flushes and night sweats. Debbie was extremely thorough during our consultation and her treatment recommendations worked so well, that within days of taking her prescribed medications, I went from feeling awful, to feeling great, energy levels back and sleeping well. No more hot flushes!
Ms C E, Suffolk, May 2012
Thank you Debbie, for your time, expertise, advice and your gentle, caring manner. For the first time in 30 years I no longer need to use steroid creams to keep my eczema under control! As my skin is much improved and my asthma symptoms greatly reduced, I would say homeopathic treatment has been a great success.
Mrs M, Bury St Eds, 2011
The treatment was not invasive or harsh yet so effective. It really made me feel well very quickly & my hot flushes, which had been very debilitating, decreased almost as soon as I started taking the remedy. I was pleasantly surprised how effective & long lasting it was!
CH, Bury St Eds, 2011
Since having homeopathic treatment, I haven’t had any of my anxiety and sickness problems and feel loads better.
ES, Age 15, 2011
I think Homeopathy worked on different levels for me; the most immediate was simply the process of connecting all my symptoms up. I was very low physically and emotionally when treatment started (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). After the first treatment I felt both sides improve dramatically and impact on each other, and now I feel stronger in every respect. Thank you very much, I now have my life back!
Mr C, Bury St Eds, 2010
The holistic, caring approach helped me to deal with my loss. The subsequent Homeopathic approach together with sound nutritional therapy allowed my body to rebalance & consequently sustain a healthy pregnancy. The end result being a beautiful, healthy baby!
Mrs M, Suffolk, 2010
I would say that homeopathic treatment has been a huge success and it’s great that it can be used safely on my whole family.
Mrs TD, Feb 2010
Thanks to homeopathy, I’m hopeful that at last I will have a healthy pregnancy & baby.” (Healthy baby born Jan 2011)
Mrs JM, Ipswich, 2010


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