Excitingly I completed my post-graduate Homeobotanical training this April 2022. Since adding this dynamic medicine to my practice, my clients have witnessed many positive changes to their health and vitality, often when other known remedies or treatments were not seeming to bring long lasting relief.

Prescribing with power and precision
Homeobotanicals are a powerful, synergistic blend of organic herbs in liquid form, potentised homoeopathically and selectively chosen to target the organs and systems of the body.
Acute conditions respond very quickly to these remedies, supporting the immune system and accelerating the healing process.
Chronic conditions respond at a more measured pace, according to the duration and severity of the disease or imbalance. Asthma, eczema, bowel problems, arthritis, hormone imbalance (and all the distressing symptoms that causes), allergies and so much more. In many instances, once the toxic load has been taken off the organs, the body will heal itself and no further intervention is required. Because this is a CORE THERAPY it can be used safely in conjunction with any other form of healing technique or medicine to enhance vitality and accelerate recovery.

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