In a nutshell…..anyone and everyone! Seeking Homeopathic treatment allows you to take ownership and control over your health which feels great!

It is a complementary medicine that is effective in its own right, but can also work synergistically with any other form of medicine to form an integrated approach to health care. For example it can be used alongside conventional treatments for eczema and asthma when trying to reduce the dependency on steroid medications.

Who can use Homeopathy?

Because it is a safe and gentle form of medicine it can be used by anyone – for babies and pregnancy to the elderly. It is particularly effective at treating childhood illnesses such as eczema, ear infections, tonsillitis, colic and teething pain. Children have immature, fragile immune systems that sometimes are not able to fend off the bombardment of bacterial and viral infections they come into contact with. Homeopathy can boost their natural immunity to help to ward off coughs, colds and other infections which can help to avoid repeated and damaging doses of antibiotics.

Is it suitable for acute and chronic illnesses?

Homeopathy can be used effectively in acute medical situations from childhood fevers, cuts and bruises, ear infections and teething, to helping ease longer-term disorders like the menopause, depression and allergies. Homeopathy doesn’t seek to cover up symptoms; it works gently, yet deeply to help your own body to restore balance and well-being.

Adults with compromised immunity, inflammatory conditions and long-standing fatigue may also see positive changes and restored energy levels when combined with individual Nutritional therapy.


Initial Consultation:

Before your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and you may be asked to get blood test results if relevant.

At the first consultation, I will discuss your health concerns with you, take a detailed medical history, review your lifestyle, diet and relevant emotional impacts on your life. Anything discussed within the consultation is totally confidential.

At the end of the consultation you will be given:

  • Explanations of factors that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Recommendations of relevant life style, dietary changes tailored to your needs – If nutritional deficiencies are identified (sometimes from a blood test) or the body requires additional support, supplements maybe recommended
  • A Homeopathic remedy tailored to address your symptoms and health situation
  • A Health Plan to take away and follow

Follow-up consultations

These take around 45 minutes and are used to measure progress, tweak the treatment and move the healing process forward.

The complexity of your condition will determine the length and course of treatment. The goal is to always to restore your health to a level that no longer requires treatment, complementary or otherwise.


“Numerous GP’s had told me that nothing could treat Molluscum yet within only a few months my daughters spots are gone. Also her bowel movements are now comfortable & regular. She is much happier now!”
Mrs C S, mother of 4 year old daughter, Bury St Eds, Sept 2012
“Thank you Debbie, for your time, expertise, advice and your gentle, caring manner. For the first time in 30 years I no longer need to use steroid creams to keep my eczema under control! As my skin is much improved and my asthma symptoms greatly reduced, I would say homeopathic treatment has been a great success.”
Mrs M, Bury St Eds, 2011
“The treatment was not invasive or harsh yet so effective. It really made me feel well very quickly & my hot flushes, which had been very debilitating, decreased almost as soon as I started taking the remedy. I was pleasantly surprised how effective & long lasting it was!”
CH, Bury St Eds, 2011

Free Consultation

Arrange a free 15-minute telephone or face to face consultation to find out how treatment could benefit you.



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